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Colorado Landscape Photographer

Tell Me the Story About the Forest Again

This image was a bit of a surprise. We were shooting along Last Dollar Road near Ridgeway Colorado this fall with our workshop near sunset. I was scouting different places along the road and took this image. I didn't think much about it. As I was post processing images I started working on the image and the light intrigued me. A story developed in my mind of a young aspen among the grove of adult aspens with the past generations at their feet. I remember my children always asking to hear stories over and over at bedtime. This used to be an oral tradition passed down by generations in our past... so, thus the genesis of the name of this image. Print Ratio: .667. You can get standard print sizes and select a size to order using the print ratio and entering into the following google sheets link: Print Sizing Spreadsheet

Custom sizes available upon request. See sizing and pricing page for additional details. Send a message for specific pricing.