A few helpful tips on navigating this website:




Site Navigation:  Watch a video here:  https://www.loom.com/share/859228ca6e2b4a738cfe01731ffc4603

Choosing a Framing or Print Option and Sizing:  I have created a Google Sheets spreadsheet to help you order the correct size and type of framing for  your image here:  Mountain West Photography 2021 Pricelist Worksheet

Viewing Pictures:

  • Click on any photo to get a larger view and easy navigation to any other photo.
  • Once you have selected a Gallery, you can see all the available photos by going to the bottom of the screen and selecting "show all"
  • Scroll down below each photo, and there is a Title, description, and the standard sizes for each photo.  
  • At the top left corner of each photo, there is a favorite icon where you can save the photos that you like.  If you register with the site, these will be saved each time your return and login.
  • On the top right corner of each photo,  you can choose to purchase, add to favorites, or share on social media any of the photos
  • When viewing a photo, there is a slideshow option letting you see all the photos.  An option menu appears allowing you to slow down the changing of the photos, and showing/hiding the descriptions
  • If you would like to see all the Facebook photos for download, go to the Facebook Gallery under the portfolio menu

Custom Requests:

  • Custom sizes can be ordered, just send a note through the contact page or directly at [email protected] and we can discuss your custom size or framing needs


  • Downloads require you to read through a licensing agreement.  I ask that you use this personally and don't print or further distribute the image.  If  you would like to share the image, do this through my website, it provides the capability to share links to the images.


  • Shipping costs are variable.  So if you would like a print shipped, you will be charged $1 at checkout and then I will create a specific price for your based upon the number of prints, and the framing options chosen.  Your $1 will be credited towards your total shipping price.  I want to provide you the most cost effective, and safe shipping I can.
  • If you would like to pick up any image in Colorado Springs, no shipping will be charged.  I'll contact you through email to arrange for a pickup.  Denver drop offs may also be possible, depending on my travel schedule.